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LJHS First Day of School 2014

7th Graders Arrive at 7:55

8th Graders Arrive at 11:40


First Day of School 2014

7:55-8:15: 7th Graders Arrival to the Gym-students get their schedules, place backpacks in lockers if needed, and sit down for an assembly.


8:15-8:35: 7th Graders Welcome Assembly-Welcome to the school, Principals, Counselors, Front Office Staff, ASB officers, and Teachers are introduced, Review the schedule and purpose for today.


8:40-12:20: Informational Break Out Sessions - Students are placed in groups of 25-30 students and will attend four 40 minute break-out sessions. Students are purposely placed in groups where each elementary school is represented and there are equal numbers of boys and girls. The goal is to support students in getting comfortable with new classmates. Students will be lead to these sessions in different places of the school by a teacher leader throughout the day. Teachers and Administrators will lead the different sessions. Students will also attend lunch at some point within their rotation of these break-out sessions. Students will receive LEIS showing they are part of the school community during their FIRST session.

Break Out Session Topics:

What works at LJH-(Led by Mr. Spear, Mr. Goldman and Mrs. Tinsley) At this informational session, students will learn about expectations and tips for success at Lakeland. Topics of discussion will include: Attendance, Active Participation, Communication, Involvement, Organization, and Troubleshooting.

Athletics and Activities- (Led by Mr. Skidmore and Mrs. Henderson and potentially some ASB leaders) At this session, students will hear about the different athletics offered at LJH—they will get an overview of the different seasons and expectations for participation. They will also learn about the different activities/clubs/ASB events that occur during the year including annual activities like Prairie Piglet, PRIDE trips, School Dances, National Honor Society, HawkGreeters, etc.

Mixers – (Led by teachers) At the mixers session, students will get to know one another in their groups while having some fun and getting out of their seats. This session will take place outside at the field/basketball court and will include team building games. The purpose here is to remind students that though junior high will be a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun.

Connections-(Led by teachers) At the teambuilding session, students will get to know one another in their groups within a classroom setting while also working to lessen the anxiety that accompanies students just entering junior high. Students will work in a circle discussing common fears of junior high as well as the importance of empathy and acceptance.

LUNCH- During this time, students will get an overview of how the lunchroom works and lunchroom behavior expectations, and will also eat lunch.

11:40-11:50 8th Graders Arrival: Mingle in the Gym, Pick Up Class Schedules -

11:50-12:20 8th Grade Welcome Assembly: (at same time as 7th graders last break out session): They will receive their schedules, and have a short introduction to the school year now that they are 8th graders and the leaders of the school. This will include a short video clip about “everyday leadership” and lollipop moments. An ASB leadership student and staff member will also be guest speakers discussing their own “lollipop moment”

12:25-2:45 Afternoon Class Schedule—Both 7th and 8th Grade: After the break-out sessions, the rest of the day, all students will be introduced to their classes. approximately 15 minutes in each of their classes, ending in Hawk Haven to get to know their teacher, potentially play some team building games with the class, and/or learn some classroom expectations. 8th graders will receive their LEIS and Lollipops during their 1st period class.

2:42-2:45 Early Release-7th Graders-To support 7th grade students with finding where their bus picks them up, 7th graders will be released a few minutes early to get comfortable with their busing schedule.

Posted by: MaryAlyce Manning
Published: 8/29/14

Picture Day!!!

LJHS students will have pictures for purchase and for student ID cards taken on Friday, September 5.

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Published: 8/29/14

New Bell Schedule at LJHS this year.--Be sure to be on time

MONDAY Collaboration Late Start


  1. 8:55-9:40

  2. 9:44-10:29

  3. 10:33-11:18

  4. (8th) 11:22-12:07

7th Lunch 11:18-11:43

4 (7th) 11:48-12:33

8th Lunch 12:07-12:33

  1. 12:37-1:22

  2. 1:26-2:11

Hawk Haven     2:15-2:45



  1. 7:55-8:50

  2. 8:54-9:49

  3. 9:53-10:48

  4. (8th) 10:52-11:47

7th Lunch 10:48-11:13

4 (7th) 11:18-12:13

8th Lunch 11:47-12:13

  1. 12:17-1:12

  2. 1:16-2:11

Hawk Haven     2:15-2:45

Posted by: MaryAlyce Manning
Published: 8/29/14

Today: 9/2/14

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